Disadvantages of tanning for women over 50

Disadvantages of tanning for women over 50

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How Wind Affects Tanning?

wind affects
There are 2 ways that wind affects tanning, leaving the skin sunburned and damaged after a day spent outdoors. The wind turns as a straight irritant to the skin, which causes the high layer of skin to shelter, exit the newly visible skin open to sunlight.

Tricks on how to use the tanning lotion to the skin

tanning lotion
To obtain the best result by applying to tan you have to make use of them in the right way. The application of tanning cannot be done simply. Before you apply tanning lotion to your skin you have to prepare your skin perfectly. When you plan to apply the tanning to your skin you have to have smooth skin, this is only for the people who have smooth skin if you have dry skin then you need not follow this.