Is that good to apply sunscreen at night?

The sunscreen is the product that is used to protect the skin from the natural sun rays because those rays can damage your skin from the interior and also cause sunburn in you. This sunscreen is also called sunblock they are available in the market in various forms that are in gel, lotion, spray, and foam.

How long does sunscreen can work?

The sunscreen is the physical barrier and that is designed to protect t the skin from the sun rays. The sunscreens are also known as the sunblock and they are available in the various formats that in foam, gel, spray, and lotions.

Can sunscreen reduce suntan?

Mostly people prefer sunscreen and the sun blocking products during the summer and in the winter season. Especially in the summer season, it will be sunnier than other seasons so that the damage will also very high than you think. In this case, it is advisable to apply sunscreen products when you are moving out or for playing.