Is that good to apply sunscreen at night?

The sunscreen is the product that is used to protect the skin from the natural sun rays because those rays can damage your skin from the interior and also cause sunburn in you. This sunscreen is also called sunblock they are available in the market in various forms that are in gel, lotion, spray, and foam. This sunscreen product reflects some of the ultraviolet rays and protects your skin against sunburn. Most people used to ask that can I sleep with sunscreen on my face, the answer for this is no because when you are allowing it more hours it can dehydrate your skin.

The reason why you should not wear it to bed

Here are three more reasons why you should not wear those sunscreen products to the face while sleeping, when you are doing this probably you should aware about their results on your face; apply sunscreen at night  

Lack of moisture

The moisturizer that is contained with the SPF does not contain the moisturizing capacity, this will be one of the important reasons why it is not god for your skin while you’re in bed. Normally at night times, your skin will be in a repair mode naturally they try to resolve all those stress that is caused by the environment. So you need to wash your sunscreen off at night and it is suggested to make use of specifically formulated moisturizers for the night time.

Clogging your pores

Sunscreens and the sunblock will contain the potentially larger ingredients in it, in this case, they clog your skin pores. You can make use of it in day time but it will be not suggested for night time. The ingredients in it may clog your pores and that prone top congestion and the breakouts. But of this reason, the pores in the skin get increased and damage your skin.


At the same time, sunscreen is a very costlier one in this case when you are day and night time may cost high. In the long run, it can cause breakouts, dryness and other skin irritations. Through using SPF moisturizer at night do give a chance to damage your skin and it is best to make use of a moisturizer that is formulated with the specific ingredients.

Final thoughts

Using the sunscreen moisturizer at night may not cause the harmful effects on your skin but it is not the best strategy to make use of it in a night time. Overall it will not be the best thing you can do for your skin.