How long does sunscreen can work?

The sunscreen is the physical barrier and that is designed to protect t the skin from the sun rays. The sunscreens are also known as the sunblock and they are available in the various formats that in foam, gel, spray, and lotions. These sunscreen products can reflect the sun’s rays and protect you from sunburn. When you are out for sports, entertainment or it may be for any reason it is advisable to take sunscreen because they can provide you enough protection against the harmful sun rays. But there is a truth that the sunscreen breaks down after 2 hours, moreover, this is true because they can rub off after a few hours of apply. harmful UV rays

Why reapply sunscreen?

If you want to keep something in its peak, there will be a need for energy it may be anything. The sunscreen also likes that only if you want to keep your sunscreen active you should reapply sunscreen every 2 hours. Usually, after you first apply you protect can be protected from the harmful UV rays but after few hours it will be become inactive due to trapping or reflecting of those UV rays so that the energy of the sunscreen gets reduced so that the damaging of skin will be get increased. The sunlight that slowly and surely breakdown the UV filters that are provided by your sunscreen, overtime these UV filters becomes completely useless and they cannot protect your skin anymore, so reapplying is very important. Especially when you are playing sport or in swimming due to water exposure and the over sweat the screen gets fade off from your skin even faster. These water and sweat, even rubbing make your sunscreen slide off your skin pretty quickly and leave your skin unprotected. As the studies say that the sunscreen break down after 2 hours. sunscreen There is a most common recommendation to reapply the sunscreen for every 2-3 hours and it will also get varies based on the individual’s sun sensitivity. Before applying any product over your skin know about your skin type so that you can decide how often you should reapply sunscreen of your skin. And it is suggestable to make use of the less chemical sunscreen so that the chemical deposition over the skin get reduces.

Final verdicts

It is very important to top up your sunscreen more often if you want to protect your skin from the UV rays. If you want to give protection all through the day you want to reapply it.